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Philip Goff
Executive Director
Joseph L. Tucker Edmonds
Associate Director
Lauren Schmidt
Programs & Operations Manager
Nathaniel Wynne
Program Coordinator
Melissa Borja
Community Research Scholar
Soulit Chacko
Research Fellow
Thomas J. Davis
Project Director
Arthur E. Farnsley
Senior Research Fellow
Raymond Haberski
Project Director
Micah A. Hughes
Project Fellow
Nancy Marie Robertson
Project Director
Brian Steensland
Director of Social Science Research
Peter J. Thuesen
Director of Humanities Research
Andrew L. Whitehead
Director of the Association of Religion Data Archives

Center Research Fellows

Asma Afsaruddin
Indiana University, Bloomington
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
Jonathan Baer
Wabash College
Department of Religion
Chad M. Bauman
Butler University
Department of Religion
Richard Gunderman
Indiana University School of Medicine
Medicine, Philosophy, Philanthropy
Candy Gunther Brown
Indiana University, Bloomington
Religious Studies
Paul Gutjahr
Indiana University, Bloomington
English, American Studies, Religious Studies
Susan Hyatt
Andrea R. Jain
Religious Studies
Emily Suzanne Johnson
Ball State University
J. Gregory Keller
Sheila Kennedy
Khadija Khaja
Social Work
David P. King
Philanthropic Studies
Elizabeth Kryder-Reid
Anthropology, Museum Studies
Kyle Minor
William Mirola
Marian University
Sara M. Patterson
Hanover College
Theological Studies
Jeremy Price
Urban Education
William C. Ringenberg
Taylor University
Robert Saler
Christian Theological Seminary
Religion and Culture
Patricia Snell Herzog
Philanthropic Studies
Alexia Torke
Indiana University School of Medicine
General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Patricia Wittberg
Sociology, Emerita
Marianne S. Wokeck
History, Emerita
Valerie Ziegler
DePauw University
Religious Studies

National Research Fellows

Nancy T. Ammerman
Yale University
Congregational Studies, Lived Religion, Evangelicalism
Shelby Balik
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Early American Religion, Family History, History of American Slavery, Historical Memory
Amanda Baugh
California State University, Northridge
Climate Change/the Environment and Religion
Brandon Bayne
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Religion in the Americas, Latinx Religion, Borderlands, Missionary-Indigenous Encounter
James Bennett
Santa Clara University
AmAnticult Movement; Religion and Race; Religion in the American West
Lila Berman
Temple University
American Jewish History
Anne Blankenship
North Dakota State University
U.S. Immigration, Asian American History, Christianity in America, Pilgrimage
Joseph Blankholm
University of California, Santa Barbara
Secularism, Atheism, Religion and Politics, American Religion, Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
Edward Blum
San Diego State University
Religion, Race, American History
Vaughn Booker
Dartmouth College
African American Religions, Religion and Civil Rights, Religion and Popular Culture, Religion and Race
Melissa Borja
University of Michigan
Migration, Religion, Asian American Studies, Politics, U.S. History
Kate Bowler
Duke Divinity School
The History of Christianity in North America, The Prosperity Gospel, American Evangelicalism
Ann Braude
Harvard Divinity School
The Religious History of American Women, Religion and Modern Art, Native American Studies
Robert Brown
James Madison University
Religion in Early America, Bible in America, Evangelicalism
Tricia Bruce
University of Notre Dame
Catholicism, Community, Organizations, Culture
Cara Lea Burnidge
University of Northern Iowa
Religion and US Politics, Foreign Relations
Julie Byrne
Hofstra University
US Religion, Catholicism, African American Religions
Wendy Cadge
Brandeis University
Sociology, Religion, Spiritual Care, Chaplaincy
Christopher D. Cantwell
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism, Memory, Museums, Public History, and Digital Humanities
Jennifer Caplan
Towson University
American Judaism and Popular Culture
Heath Carter
Princeton Theological Seminary
Race, Reform, Class, Inequality, Nationalism, Public Life
Ava Chamberlain
Wright State University
American Religious History, Religion in Colonial America, Jonathan Edwards, Women and Gender History
Emily Clark
Gonzaga University
American Religious History, African American Religious History, American Spiritualism
John Corrigan
Florida State University
American Religious History, Religion and Emotion, Religious Intolerance, Spatial Humanities
Joe Creech
Valparaiso University
Intersections of American Religious, Political, Economic, and Cultural History; Populism
Matthew Cressler
College of Charleston
African American Religion; U.S. Catholic History; Religion, Race, and Nationalism
Heather Curtis
Tufts University
American Religious History, History of Christianity, Religion and Humanitarianism, Religion and Race
Sarah Dees
Iowa State University
Native American Religions, Museums, Empire, Method and Theory in the Study of Religion
Amy DeRogatis
Michigan State University
Gender, Sexuality, Evangelicalism, Digital Humanities, Sound, Embodied Religion, Strangites
Dennis C. Dickerson Sr.
Vanderbilt University
American and African American Religion History, The Civil Rights Movement
Paul Djupe
Denison University
American Religion and Politics, Public Opinion, Gender, Social Networks, Political Advocacy
Darren Dochuk
University of Notre Dame
20th Century US History; History of US Religion and Politics; History of Energy
Jamil Drake
Florida State University
African-American Religion, Religion and Politics, and Religion and Race
Janine Giordano Drake
Indiana University
Labor and Working Class History, American Religious History, Race and Ethnicity, Citizenship
Penny Edgell
University of Minnesota
Cultural Sociology, American Religion, Sociology of Religion, Religion in Public Life, Gender, Race
Omri Elisha
Queens College/Graduate Center-CUNY
Anthropology of Religion, Evangelicalism, Christianity, Astrology, Ritual, Media, Ethnography
Christopher Evans
Boston University
American Religious History, History of Christianity, U.S. Protestantism
Tracy Fessenden
Arizona State University
Religion, Literature, Music, and Other Arts; Religion and Politics; Secularization and Secularity
Kathleen Flake
University of Virginia
American Religion, Religion and Law, Marginalized Religious Movements, Mormonism, Religious Studies
Roger Finke
Pennsylvania State University
Religion and State Issues
J. Spencer Fluhman
Brigham Young University
American Religion, Mormonism
Paul Froese
Baylor University
Religion, Politics, Ideology, and Culture
Kathleen Garces-Foley
Marymount University
Race & Immigration, Spirituality, Young Adults, Secularism, Hospice, Funerary Rituals
Katharine Gerbner
University of Minnesota
History of Religion, Atlantic Religions, Early America, Caribbean, Africana Religions
W. Clark Gilpin
University of Chicago Divinity School
History of Modern Christianity (especially in relation to literature)
Kathryn Gin Lum
Stanford University
American religion, religion and race
Rebecca Goetz
New York University
Race, Slavery, and Colonialism
Marion Goldman
University of Oregon
Minority Religious Movements, Gender and Religion, Social Theory
Jennifer Graber
University of Texas at Austin
History of Religion in the United States, Native American Religions, Religion and U.S. Empire
Brett Grainger
Villanova University
Evangelicalism, Nature Religion, Metaphysical Religion and "Spiritual but not Religious"
Zareena Grewal
Yale University
Islam in the U.S., Transnational Religion
R. Marie Griffith
Washington University in St. Louis
History of American Religion, Gender, and Sexuality, Religion and Politics
Rachel B. Gross
San Francisco State University
American Religious History, American Jewish History, Material Culture, Food Studies
Everett Hamner
Western Illinois University
Literature, Film, Religion, Science, Politics
Keith Harper
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Baptist History (general), Baptists and Race, Hermeneutics
David Harrington Watt
Haverford College
Protestantism, Quakerism, Evangelicalism
M. Cooper Harriss
Indiana University
American Religion, Literature, and Culture
Paul Harvey
University of Colorado
Race and Religion in American History
John Hayes
Augusta University
Late 19th-20th Century US South
Matthew Hedstrom
University of Virginia
US Religious History, American Spirituality, Religious Liberalism, Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism
Brett Hendrickson
Lafayette College
Mexican American Religious History, Religion in the American West; Religion and Healing
Bruce Hindmarsh
Regent College
History of Christian Spirituality, History of Early Evangelicalism
Kathleen Holscher
University of New Mexico
U.S. Catholic History (with emphases on church-state relations) and Race and Settler Colonialism
Daniel Howe
US Religious, Intellectual, and Cultural History
Justine Howe
Case Western Reserve University
Islam in America, Islam and Gender, Religion and American Higher Education, Anthropology of Religion
James Hudnut-Beumler
Vanderbilt University
19th and 20th Century Religion and Economics, Politics, and Southern Culture
Charles Irons
Elon University
19th-Century US, US South, African American, History and Memory
Charles Israel
Auburn University
History of Religion and Reform in the U.S. South 1875–1925
Andre E. Johnson
University of Memphis
Religious Rhetoric, Black Church, Rhetoric, Race, and Religion
Sylvester Johnson
Virginia Tech
Technology and Humanities, Religion-Race-Empire, National Security
Khyati Joshi
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Social Justice Education, Religion and Race in America
Hillary Kaell
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada
Christianity, United States, Quebec, Material & Sensory Culture, Global Travel & Imaginaries
Paula Kane
University of Pittsburgh
American Religious History; Catholicism; Religion and the Arts; Capitalism and Religion
Gale Kenny
Barnard College
American Religious History; Catholicism; Religion and the Arts; Capitalism and Religion
Ariela Keysar
Trinity College
Demography of Religion and Secularism, Jewish Millennials, Survey Methodology, Longitudinal Studies
Thomas Kidd
Baylor University
Religion in early America
Philippa Koch
Missouri State University
Religion and Medicine; Religion in Early America and the Atlantic World; Body and Sexuality
Prema Kurien
Syracuse University
Immigrants and Immigration, Race and Ethnicity, Civic and Political Activism
Laura Levitt
Temple University
American Jewish life, gender, trauma, Holocaust, memory and material and visual culture.
Rachel Lindsey
Saint Louis University
Visual and Material Cultures of Religion; Religion and Public Life; Race; Digital Humanities
Kathryn Lofton
Yale University
Religion and Popular Culture, Religion and Sexuality, Method and Theory in the Study of Religion
Kathryn Long
Wheaton College (retired)
19th and 20th Century American Evangelicalism; Evangelical Missions in Latin America; Revivals in US
Kathryn Gin Lum
Stanford University
American Religion, Religion and Race
Laurie Maffly-Kipp
Washington University in St. Louis
19th Century Religious History, Religion in the American West, Mormonism, African-American Religion
Andrew Manis
Middle Georgia State University
American & African-American Religion, American Civil Religion, Religion & the Civil Rights Movement
Christel Manning
Sacred Heart University
Sociology of Religion; Religion, Gender, and Family; Nones and Secularity; Marginal Religions
Peter Manseau
Smithsonian Institution
Material Culture of American Religion
Gerardo Marti
Davidson College
Religion, Race and Ethnicity, Inequality, Innovation, Social Change
Lerone Martin
Washington University in Saint Louis
Religion and Politics in 20th Century U.S. History
Elizabeth McAlister
Wesleyan University
Afro-Caribbean Religions, Race Theory, Global Evangelicalism
Melani McAlister
The George Washington University
US in the World, Evangelicals in a Global Context, Transnational Culture, Humanitarianism
Carolyn Medine
University of Georgia
Religion and Literature; Theories of Religion; African American Religions and Literatures
Samira Mehta
University of Colorado at Boulder
Religious History in the US, Jewish History in the US, Gender and Sexuality, Religious Diversity
John Modern
Franklin & Marshall College
Religion, Aesthetics, Technology
Deborah Dash Moore
University of Michigan
American Jewish History
Katherine Moran
Johns Hopkins University
Catholicism in U.S. Culture, U.S. Empire, Transnational American Studies
Lincoln Mullen
George Mason University
American Religious History; Digital History
Kristy Nabhan-Warren
University of Iowa
American Religions, Ethnography of Religion, U.S. Latina/o/x Religions, American Catholicisms, Sport
Lynn Neal
Wake Forest University
US Religious History, Religion and Popular Culture
Quincy Newell
Hamilton College
American Religious History; Religion in the American West; Gender, Race, and Religion; Mormon studies
Jerry Park
Baylor University
Racial Identity/ Discrimination/ Stereotype; Religious Identity/ Narratives; Asian Americans
Michael Pasquier
Louisiana State University
American Religious History, American Catholicism, Religion and Environment, Religion in U.S. South
Elaine Peña
George Washington University
Ritual, Borders and Boundaries, Geography of Religion, Performance Theory
Anthony Petro
Boston University
Religion & Politics in the Modern US; Religion & Sexuality; Visual Culture; Religion & Medicine
Amanda Porterfield
Florida State University
American Religious History
Leonard Norman Primiano
Cabrini University
Religion in America Roman Catholicism, Sectarian Religion, Folklore and Religion, Vernacular Religion
Sally Promey
Yale University
Public Display of Religion; Visual/Material Cultures; Materiality, Affect, Spatiality, Modernity
Linda Przybyszewski
University of Notre Dame
Law and Religion, Legal History, Cultural History
Shari Rabin
Oberlin College
American Judaism; Nineteenth-Century American Religion
Kathryn Reklis
Fordham University
Religion and Colonialism, Religion and Aesthetics, Religion and Popular Culture, Protestant History
John Schmalzbauer
Missouri State University
Religion in Higher Education, Popular Culture/Media, Ozarks religion, Religion and Health
Leigh Schmidt
Washington University in St. Louis
Religion and Politics, Secularism, Liberal Religious Movements
Kristin Schwain
University of Missouri
American Art and Religion, Material and Visual Cultures of Religions
David Sehat
Georgia State University
US Intellectual and Cultural History
John Seitz
Fordham University
U.S. Religions, U.S. Catholicism
Lawrence Snyder
Western Kentucky University
North American Religious History, Religious Pluralism, History of Western Christianity
John Stackhouse
Crandall University
Randall Stephens
University of Oslo
American Religion, Pop Music, the American South, Conservatism, Environmental History
Evelyn Sterne
University of Rhode Island
Modern American Religion and Immigration, New Religions, Catholicism, Religion and Politics
Brad Stoddard
McDaniel College
American Religious History, Religion and American Prisons, Method and Theory
Mira Sucharov
Carleton University
Jewish Politics, Israel-Palestine, Op-ed Writing and Social Media Engagement
Matthew Sutton
Washington State University
US Religion, Politics, and Foreign Policy
Stephen Taysom
Cleveland State University
New Religious Movements, American Religion in the long nineteenth century, ritual studies
Douglas Thompson
Mercer University
US History-Twentieth Century, Civil Rights Movement, American Religious History
Scott Thuma
Hartford Seminary
Congregational Studies, Megachurches, Nondenominationalism, US Religious Landscape
T. J. Tomlin
University of Northern Colorado
Early American cultural and Religious History
Daniel Vaca
Brown University
Economy and Society (incl. Business, Consumerism, Inequality), Media, Evangelicalism, Spirituality
Mark Valeri
Washington University in St. Louis
Early American Religion
Daisy Vargas
University of Arizona
Latina/o/x Religions; Catholic Studies
Grant Wacker
Duke Divinity School
American Religious History, Especially 20th Century
David Walker
University of California, Santa Barbara
Mormonism, Spiritualism, Technology, Magic, 19th-Century Popular Culture and Religion
Jonathan Walton
Wake Forest University
African American Protestantism, Social and Cultural Theory, Christian Social Ethics
Adrian Weimer
Providence College
Colonial America, Religion and Politics, Puritanism, Resistance Theory
Isaac Weiner
Ohio State University
American religions, religion and sound, religion and law, religious pluralism
Judith Weisenfeld
Princeton University
African American Religious History; Religion and American Film
Alexis Wells-Oghoghomeh
Vanderbilt University
Religion and U.S. Slavery, Africana Religions, Women and Religion
Beth Wenger
University of Pennsylvania
Jewish History and Culture; Gender, Ethnic and Religious History
Tisa Wenger
Yale Divinity School
Religion and US Empire; Native American & Indigenous Studies; Religious Freedom in US history
Aubrey Westfall
Wheaton College
Minority Politics, Immigration and citizenship, Religion and Politics, Women and Politics
Christopher White
Vassar College
Religion, Science, Technology, Media, Secularism
Melissa M. Wilcox
University of California, Riverside
Queer & Transgender Studies in Religion; Gender & Sexuality; NRMs; Power, Oppression, and Resistance
Peter Williams
Miami University, Oxford, OH
Architecture, Anglicanism
Rhys Williams
Loyola University Chicago
Politics, Social Movements, Immigration, Race
Ann Wills
Davidson College
U.S. Protestant History and Culture (19th-20th centuries); Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Religion
Jeff Wilson
Renison University College, University of Waterloo
Buddhism in North America, Mindfulness, Unitarian-Universalism
Douglas Winiarski
University of Richmond
Religion in Early America, Popular Religion, Material culture, Native American Religions
Richard Wood
University of New Mexico
Sociology of Religion, Social Movements, Democratic Theory, Ethnographic Methods
David Yamane
Wake Forest University
Sociology of Religion, American Gun Culture
Fenggang Yang
Purdue University
Sociology of Religion, Immigrant Religion, Religion in China
Grace Yukich
Quinnipiac University
Sociology of Religion, Immigration, Race, Social Movements
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