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Mixed Methods Research

More often than we like to acknowledge, a comprehensive understanding of social phenomena (groups,  problems, processes) requires that we draw on multiple research methods beyond the vital analytic  strategies we learn in our statistics classes. This graduate-level course will provide an introduction to the  theoretical underpinnings, development, and application of mixed-methods research designs. Because  our department currently does not offer a focused course in qualitative research methods (though that  will soon change in the future and thus this course will evolve), this semester we will explore and  emphasize qualitative methods initially and then begin to develop our understanding of how to integrate  these methods with the quantitative methods students should already have some familiarity with by this  point in their graduate training.

Samuel L. Perry

University of Oklahoma

Community College, Public College or University, Private College or University
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Intro, Undergraduate Course
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Atheism/Agnosticism/Skepticism, Buddhism, Catholic, General Comparative Traditions, Hinduism, Indigenous, Islam, Judaism, New Religious Movements, Other Christianities, Other Traditions, Protestant
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