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Religious Lives in America

Religious Lives in America is a graduate seminar that explores themes in American history through examining the genre of religious biography. Listening to voices from various eras, regions, and identities, students will analyze the craft of religious biography, its promises and perils. We will interrogate how culture, race, gender, class, sexuality, place, and relationship impact individuals and both expand and constrain traditional religious or institutional narratives. What makes a biography of a person religious? Who decides? Whose stories are told? By whom? What is included or left out? How do individual lives intersect with broader narratives of American religion(s)? 

Ansley Quiros

University of North America

Community College, Public College or University, Private College or University
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Intro, Undergraduate Course
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Religious Studies, History

Judaism, Protestant
Religous Tradition

Family/Children/Reproduction, Gender/Women/ Sexuality, Pluralism/Secularism/Culture Wars, Race/Ethnicity

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